• Adoption gives a child new legal parents.  It means that the birth parents no longer have a legal relationship, rights or responsibilities towards the child.
  • Many adoptions take place when one person who has a child marries and their new spouse wishes to adopt the child.  Perhaps the other birth parent is not involved in the child’s life.  In such a case in deciding whether to grant the Adoption Order the primary focus of the court will be the child’s welfare and best interests.
  • The adoption process involves preparation of a petition to the court for the Adoption Order. The local authority or adoption agency will prepare a report on suitability and the placement for the child. The court will appoint a solicitor (called a “curator ad litem”) to prepare an independent report. The birth parents are notified of the application and will have the opportunity to consent or object to the Adoption Order. If the birth parents do not consent, the court will hear evidence and decide whether making an Adoption Order will safeguard and promote the welfare of the child.
  • Our experienced team can guide and advise you through the adoption process and the court application.

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