Divorce & Social Networking

FEB 08, 2016 ‹ back to news & views

Did you know… Facebook is now mentioned in a third of all divorces cases?  As social networking becomes increasingly more popular Facebook (and undoubtedly other social networking apps) are becoming a source of information which can provide evidence of infidelity, a new job and even spending habits.   This information can sometimes assist cases and provide additional information that Solicitors would not ordinarily be aware of.  This information gathering is not just useful for divorce cases it can provide a whole range of information which could assist in cases such as debt recovery and employment issues etc.

We strongly recommend to our clients that they suspend or at least consider very carefully social media activity while their case is ongoing. Any posts may be harmful to their case as it may be misconstrued, misinterpreted or used by the other party.

Our advice is think twice before you post!